Necrologue 1
Title Necrologue
Story by Francesco Francavilla
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Colors by Francesco Francavilla
Cover/s by Francesco Francavilla
Date Published 2017

Necrologue is the second Black Beetle miniseries.


Issue #1Edit

Issue #2Edit

Issue #3Edit

Issue #4Edit

Issue #5Edit


Publishing HistoryEdit

Necrologue was originally solicited for 2014 as a five-issue series, however the story changed substantially in the writing process. Francavilla has mentioned the possibility of it becoming a longer story than he previously envisioned. The miniseries is currently scheduled for publication in 2017.


Issue #1 (2014): Someone’s murdering the citizens of Colt City, and there’s only one man who can stop this killing spree: the Black Beetle!But as Black Beetle investigates these grisly murders, questions arise about the masked detective: Is he a daring hero or a reckless vigilante? With a past veiled in the shadow of mystery, Black Beetle takes on a dark mission that will keep you screaming in the thrilling new miniseries Necrologue!

Issue #2 (2014): Get ready for thrills and chills, Beetlemaniacs!It’s a bad time to live in Colt City... The streets are his hunting ground. The citizens are his prey. He’s cruel and wild, like a wounded beast... He is Mudman!Only one man can stop this villain’s murder binge, but time is running out for the Black Beetle! Plus, on a lighter note, the new adventures of Little Black Beetle!

Issue #3 (2014): While recovering from his first nightmarish encounter with Mudman, the Black Beetle finally faces the menace brought to his doorstep by Dr. Stephano Corallo—coiled and ready to strike! Prepare yourself for the nerve-shattering horror issue everyone will be talking about!

Issue #4 (2014): As Black Beetle races to stop the deadly Mudman before he savagely murders another innocent victim, the black-cloaked detective begins to wonder... are all the victims really innocent? The intrigue of Black Beetle’s most brutal case increases... and so does the body count! Can Colt City survive this onslaught?!</blockquote>


All covers are by Francesco Francavilla.