Pulp Sunday is one of Francesco Francavilla's blogs.

The Creation of The Black BeetleEdit

Posts on Pulp Sunday was where The Black Beetle evolved from the original sketch drawn in a forum. The following posts from 2009 show those earliest steps.

Date Title
Month Day
March 29, Sunday Black Beetle vs. Max Malone
April 5, Sunday Greetings from Colt City
12, Sunday Select Excursions to Colt City
21, Tuesday BB & The Shadow
26, Sunday The Spider Dossier
May 10, Sunday Black Beetle Blue Print?

The Pulp Sunday version of No Way OutEdit

The first ten pages of No Way Out were serialized on Pulp Sunday from May to August of 2009.

The Pulp Sunday version of Kara BöcekEdit

Kara Böcek can be read on Pulp Sunday. The following posts document various steps of its creation.

Date Title
1 December, 2009 "Kara Böcek" and the Pulp December
2 December, 2009 "Kara Böcek": more studies
3 December, 2009 Destinazione: Costantinopoli!
5 December, 2009 The Breslau Enters the Bosphorus
8 August, 2010 He's Back!
20 March, 2011 The Return of The Black Beetle